The Tri-State Coalition Against Human Trafficking & Slavery is a collaborative, faith-based Iowa-Wisconsin-Illinois network that engages in education and advocacy in an effort to eradicate human trafficking. The Coalition collaborates with groups working to end modern day slavery.

Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) asked area congregations of women religious to collaborate to end human trafficking. Tri-State CAHT was formed during a March 14th, 2014, meeting at Mt. St. Francis, Dubuque, Iowa, to focus on education and advocacy. Collaboration began soon after with groups from Davenport, Clinton and Quad Cities.

The Coalition has four focus groups/ committees. One month the Coalition meets as a large group and the other month is set aside for committees to meet and discuss their focus.

Advocacy & Legislation Committee

Create and implement a legislative plan that connects us to state and federal personnel, in order to move our goals forward. Keep abreast of human trafficking bills to be voted on by our Iowa Legislature.

Contact: Diane Rapozo,BVM drapozo@bvmsisters.org

Outreach Committee

To educate others about human trafficking through the following subgroups:

  • Bus driver subcommittee
  • Dubuque County Fair subcommittee
  • School subcommittee
  • Ad hoc subcommittees as needed

Contact: Suzie Wright suzie42366@aol.com

Hotel/Motel Trainers Committee

To train/ educate hotel and motel managers and their staffs in the Dubuque and Tri-State area to recognize and respond to sex trafficking in their facilities.

Contact: Mira Mosle,BVM mmosle@bvmsisters.org

In-service Committee

To educate ourselves and others about human trafficking. Monthly in-services are presented by all members to update others on current issues involving human trafficking.

Contact: Marilou Irons,PBVM marilou@dbqpbvms.org