Coalition Receives Award From State

The Tri-State Coalition Against Human Trafficking & Slavery was nominated for the “Outstanding Anti-Trafficking Service Award” to be presented by Governor Reynolds at the State Capitol Building on January 13th, 2022.

This award is given by the state-level Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery to a group that has provided exceptional work in the awareness of human trafficking. Some of the activities that led to this award include: collaboration with public and private school administration to present anti-human trafficking awareness to students and parents; presence at the Dubuque County Fair; training of over 70 Dubuque city Juul bus drivers to recognize human trafficking; and assisting the state in creating a hotel/motel employee training program.

The nomination, formally submitted in August 2021, was suggested by Professor Kim Hilby and her two University of Dubuque interns, Amber Anderegg and Kira Finifrock. All members of the Coalition are invited to participate at the Awards Cermony where a photo will be taken with the Governor.

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