Coalition Receives Outstanding Anti-Trafficking Service Award From State

Members of the Coalition enjoy lunch with Rep. Chuck Isenhart after receiving the Anti-Trafficking Servce Award. Kim Hilby (front left) received an additional award for her individual work in anti- trafficking efforts.

Governer Kim Reynolds presented five individuals and organizations with Outstanding Service Awards in the field of human trafficking. In addition to awards given to the Tri-State Coalition and individual member Kim Hilby, an award was given to the Hotel/ Motel Employee Training Video Production Team.

Members of the Coalition participated in the development and production of a 36-minute video, “No Room Here,” to train hotel and motel staffs at lodging facilities doing business with the state of Iowa. This traning, mandated by Iowa Legislature, went into effect on Jan. 1 of 2022. The video received appoval from the Iowa Department of Public Safety, and is on their website. Coalition member Deb Albert served as a script writer, and Coalition members produced the accompanying resources of a badge insert for employess and poster for lodgings.

Mary Lechtenberg, osf, (left) and Kim Hilby (right) pictured with Senator Morris who co-sponsered the bill requiring training of all hotel / motel employees and managers.
Kim Hilby (right) pictured with her student Kira Finifrock (left) were honored for their creation of a 60-page best practice guideline for service providers when serving human trafficking survivors. Absent from the photo is Amber Anderegg who also helped with the document.
The five recipients of the Outstanding Anti-Trafficking Service Awards
presented by the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Pictured with awards for the organizations they represent are (L-R):

– Mary Lechetnberg with Tri-State Coalition Against Human Trafficking

– Susan Mitchell with NATH Hotel/Motel Employee Training Video Production Team

– Max Christensen with the Iowa DOE Transportation Office

– Lenchen Raeside with Chains Interrupted

– Kim Hilby, University of Dubuque Professor and Tri-State Coalition Member

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