Coalition Hotel/ Motel Plan Update

TSCAHT is currently in the process of reorganizing teams that will contact local area hotels and motels to train management and staff to realize, recognize and respond to human trafficking. Current committee members Deb Albert, Mira Mosle, Jodi Tomkins, Mary Lechtenberg, and Suzie Wright have participated in the creation of a video to be used for all future training sessions. The team will be contacting area hotel/ motels to schedule trainings so that management and staff can be trained and then receive a certificate of completion.

It’s vital to train staff as often they see something suggesting trafficking is occurring but don’t know what to do and therefore don’t report it. Since 70% of sex trafficking happens in hotels/motels, we are committed to provide training for as many hotels/motels as possible.

The Tri-State Coalition is conducting this out of concern for the trafficking survivor, hoping that by raising awareness and educating those closest to the problem, we can put an end to this vicious crime.

A new Iowa law provides that hotels/motels wanting state revenue, ie State employees who book an overnight stay while on business, state sponsor conferences/ meeting rooms, etc., must have all employees trained in sex and labor trafficking’s awareness and response, beginning January 1, 2022. This training consists of a 30 minutes video at no cost to the hotels/ motels. All expenses for this project fall to the Iowa NAHT.

This project NEEDS donations to be completed. For more information about getting involved, click the button below to view our other article. Any amount helps to end human trafficking for good.

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